Rules / Application Guidelines

Do you consider yourself confident, can you win friends or are you a social influencer?
You may apply to be a Contestant for the Queen of the Month Contest by completing the application and paying a N2,500 non-refundable application fees.

PRIZES: The Winner each month gets: N100,000, a weekend holiday for two (2) and a designer dress.

To be a Contestant
1) You must be at least 18 years of age.
2) You must be in college, college bound or have graduated from college.
3) You must be of Nigerian descent.
4) You must be of good health and moral character.
5) You must be a naturally born female, and must reside in Nigeria.
6) Your height or Size is NOT a Barrier (you CAN be short, tall, slim or fat).
7) You may be single or married.
8) Must agree, that if selected to be Queen of the Month you will abide by all the rules and regulations governing the Contest. The Queen of the Month Contest is held every month for the title of that month.

How to Win
1) Register your true and current information (Biodata, Pictures, etc). Please provide three (3) current Pictures of yourself.
2) Promote yourself as a contestant by telling friends and family to vote for you.
3) Use the social media to campaign and comment on social issues (e.g. Child Labour, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, unemployment, etc.) of your choice and convince them to vote for you in return.
4) Join our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc pages and encourage others to do the same.
5) Use your creativity to create support and following by being active on our pages, etc.
6) Contestants will be judged based on:
+ Number of SMS votes
+ Campaign on social media on a subject the contestant is passionate about
+ Overall assessment by a panel of judges

Registration Schedules
Registration is constantly going on everyday, every month, depending on the month you are entering for. See Registration Schedules below:
Miss January
Registration Starts: December 1st 2018
Registration Closes: December 31st 2018
Voting Starts: January 1st 2019

Miss February
Registration Starts: January 1st 2019
Registration Closes: January 31st 2019
Voting Starts: February 1st 2019

Miss March
Registration Starts: February 1st 2019
Registration Closes: February 28th 2019
Voting Starts: March 1st 2019

Miss April
Registration Starts: March 1st 2019
Registration Closes: March 31st 2019
Voting Starts: April 1st 2019

Miss May
Registration Starts: April 1st 2019
Registration Closes: April 30th 2019
Voting Starts: May 1st 2019

Miss June
Registration Starts: May 1st 2019
Registration Closes: May 31st 2019
Voting Starts: June 1st 2019

Miss July
Registration Starts: June 1st 2019
Registration Closes: June 30th 2019
Voting Starts: July 1st 2019

Miss August
Registration Starts: July 1st 2019
Registration Closes: July 31st 2019
Voting Starts: August 1st 2019

Miss September
Registration Starts: August 1st 2019
Registration Closes: August 31st 2019
Voting Starts: September 1st 2019

Miss October
Registration Starts: September 1st 2019
Registration Closes: September 31st 2019
Voting Starts: October 1st 2019

Miss November
Registration Starts: October 1st 2019
Registration Closes: October 31st 2019
Voting Starts: November 1st 2019

Miss December
Registration Starts: November 1st 2019
Registration Closes: November 30th 2019
Voting Starts: December 1st 2019