About Us

Queen of the Month (QOM) is a stage for social expression of issues affecting the society. It provides women the opportunity to demonstrate their brain and beauty and to use the social network as an instrument of influence to cause positive change in the society. QOM is designed to showcase natural talents and intellectual abilities of young African women using economic mechanism as a motivation for the development of opportunities yet untapped.

Each contestant is expected to post their comments, write ups and articles on any societal issues of their choice using the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Badoo, etc.

The Contestants using the Social Media platforms has to demonstrate her ability to influence the society positively and by same means changing the paradigm of negative use and abuse of the Social Media platforms.  Read More... 

Queen of Africa Ltd has an established Executive committee, which comprises of the Project Champions, the CEO, the Executive Directors, and experienced leaders, allowing functions, businesses and partnership to be fully represented at the highest levels.
The functions, businesses and markets represented are: innovation, strategy, legal, and global markets, with a dedicated representation for other African countries as a major growth market. The Company is managed under the chairmanship of the Chief Executive Officer, the members of the Executive Committee. They all share responsibilities for the management of the Company, the operation of its strategy and policies, and the realization of its objectives and results.

Project Champion

Chief Abiola Dosumu (Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos) is a High Chief in Lagos State of Nigeria and also the Chairman of Atlantic Beach Centre (ABC) in Lagos of Nigeria. She was recently bestowed with a honorary degree by Crescent University due to her contribution to humanity in different spheres. She is a foremost business entrepreneur and has expanded business interests around the world. She is a lover of people and continued to fight for the development of the African woman and child.



Felix Owoseni joined Materials Management Services Ltd (MMS) having graduated from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in the year 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Geography, BA Hons. He served there as a Consultant and participated in project management activities for multinational companies like Chevron, Shell, Nigerian railway corporation, National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) now Power Holding Company of Nigeria.
Mr. Owoseni was a member of the pioneering staff of the National eGovernment Strategies Ltd (NeGSt), a company mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria to implement eGovernment in Nigeria since 2004. He was became the Head of Business development of eTourism Ltd, subsidiary of NeGSt and lead his team Innovation, Strategy and marketing. Mr. Owoseni Currently works at NeGSt as Business Development Manager.
Mr. Owoseni has worked extensively with leading multi-business, industrial, and consumer companies on issues of growth, logistical management, international expansion, and corporate and business unit strategy in companies such Carbon Exchange Africa, Global Biofuels Ldt. As a visionary leader and passionate serial entrepreneur for African Development and an advocate of women and children empowerment in Africa founded Queen of Africa Ltd. He will bring is 14 years experience in Business Development and Start ups to bear on this project.